Exciting Developments in Green Skills and Sustainability Initiatives Unveiled in Wales

In a spirited leap towards a sustainable future, Wales is ushering in a wave of transformative initiatives and pioneering programs, poised to reshape the landscape of green skills and sustainability.

Pembrokeshire College Launches Pilot Program to Foster Female Engagement in Green Skills

Pembrokeshire College in Wales has recently embarked on a groundbreaking pilot initiative focused on fostering female interest in sustainable power, renewables, and construction. This innovative project, conducted in collaboration with local employers, is funded under the Swansea City Deal and is set to roll out from September 2024. For more information, visit Pembrokeshire College’s New Careers Initiative. For inquiries, please contact Hayley Williams at hayleyw@pembrokeshire.ac.uk.

Welsh Government Unveils New Initiatives to Propel Skills Development

The Welsh Government is taking significant strides towards skills development and sustainability with several new initiatives:

  1. Flexible Skills Program for Employers: The government has launched a Flexible Skills program aimed at empowering employers in the journey towards achieving net-zero goals.
  2. Focus on Equality in Just Transition: A new staff member has been appointed to address the equality aspects of the Just Transition, showcasing the government’s commitment to a fair and inclusive approach.
  3. Review of Apprenticeship Framework with a Net-Zero Focus: The government is actively reviewing the apprenticeship framework, placing a strong emphasis on aligning skills development with the net-zero agenda.

Groundbreaking Energy and Carbon Management Apprenticeships Introduced

Wales is making significant strides in preparing its workforce for a sustainable future with the launch of two pioneering apprenticeships:

  1. Ground-breaking Apprenticeship in Energy and Carbon Management
  2. New Apprenticeship Launched to Boost Green Skills

These initiatives mark a crucial step towards equipping individuals with the skills necessary to contribute to Wales’ net-zero targets.

Colegau Cymru’s Exploration of Scottish Skills Recognition Practices

Colegau Cymru, the national organisation for further education in Wales, is planning a two-day study visit to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) in Glasgow in early 2024. The visit aims to explore the Scottish approach to Skills Recognition and examine how colleges with credit rating powers collaborate with employers.

Inspiring Offshore Career Videos by ORSTED Garner Attention

The recently released ORSTED videos showcasing offshore careers for young people have been recognized for their inspirational content. These videos not only provide valuable insights into offshore industries but also serve as a potentially useful resource for individuals considering careers in the field.

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