Just Transition Platform

EPRC Delft has been selected to be part of the second circle of close observers of the European Commission’s Just Transition Platform Working Group on Horizontal Stakeholder Strategy.

The Just Transition Platform (JTP) was set up by the European Commission in 2020 to assist EU Member States and regions to access support available through the Just Transition Mechanism (JTM). The support is available for stakeholders from those territories that are heavily dependent on fossil fuels and carbon-intensive industries and face specific social, economic, and environmental challenges related to the transition process. The aim of the JTP working groups is to exchange and develop practical solutions. Three of the JTP working groups focus on specific themes (steel, cement, chemicals), while the horizontal working group is cross-cutting and will focus on the identification and assessment of approaches and good practices to engage all stakeholder groups.

EPRC Delft’s participation in the horizontal working group is particularly relevant for the members of the IQ-Net Network which is managed by EPRC Delft. By participating in the working group, EPRC Delft can contribute to the wider discussions at the EU level and to the ongoing IQ-Net research.

In addition to IQ-Net, EPRC Delft staff are also directly involved in other relevant transition-related research projects, including the Horizon 2020 TRACER project for coal intensive regions, and research for the Scottish Government exploring the role of territorial cooperation in supporting the delivery of Just Transition in remote and sparsely-populated areas of the Arctic and near Arctic.

For further information, please contact Heidi Vironen or Rona Michie 

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