New report on Monitoring Localised Decarbonisation Goals

A new report on “Monitoring Localised Decarbonisation Goals: Lessons learnt from Madrid’s Roadmap to 2050” by the Joint Research Centre has been published. It analyses the Madrid roadmap and how it compares to existing Sustainable Development Goals’ Voluntary Local Reviews.

Findings suggest the Roadmap focuses on energy efficiency measures that span a large policy spectrum, namely related to new buildings, renovation and refurbishing, and smarter and more efficient heating. However, areas like public transport, air quality, local environment protection have been less relevant, and waste management is referred to as an individual behaviour-centred change. Alignment with SDGs thus focus on SDGs 9, 11, 12 and 13. A key finding is that when Voluntary Local Reviews seem to focus on fewer policy domains neutrality-related indicators’ relevance tends to increase.



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