New research article on EU policy responses to regional energy transitions

A new research article on “Coal, green growth and crisis: Exploring three European Union policy responses to regional energy transitions” by Dr Bradley Loewen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Institute for Regional Development) has been published in the Energy Research & Social Science journal.

Loewen argues there is a need to consider these regional energy transitions from a political economy perspective to examine policy responses. He examined European Union policy responses to crisis periods (e.g. an Energy Policy for Europe, Just Transition Mechanism), which build on the rhetoric of competitiveness and innovation in the long term over multiple policy periods.

Findings suggest that “paying increased attention to political-institutional, social and environmental settings for regional transitions and supporting these settings to develop foundational aspects of the future low-carbon economy such as renewable energy potentials, could raise the prospects for transition and ultimately support quality of life and cohesion in all regions, without specifically aiming for growth in all regions.” Loewen also argues that green growth as an ultimate societal objective should be critiqued as a strategy applicable to and desirable in all regions.



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