3rd NICE conference on Skills for the Just Transition

Our third NICE conference – and second of 2023 – was held on Tuesday 21 November 2023, from 9.00 to 15.30, at Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (DD4 8UQ, Dundee), in Scotland.

The conference focused on the topic of investing in a skilled workforce for a just net zero transition, exploring both challenges and opportunities in the labour market and associated policy, finance, education, and capacity factors. Speakers included NICE partners and representatives from policy and cluster organisations from various countries/regions, who highlighted their experiences from different contexts.

Particular focus was given to the importance of knowledge exchange, the challenges facing SMEs, the need for policy to drive change and respond to it, and the need for just transition to consider age, gender, and race equality.

Key issues were highlighted for future work and discussion, such as:

  • How to define and measure green jobs;
  • The urgency and scale of the transition;
  • The role of collaborative partnerships and knowledge sharing;
  • The importance of inclusivity and job creation;
  • The need for continuous learning, adaptability, and responsiveness;
  • And the ethical dimensions of reskilling.

A tour of MSIP’s Skills Academy was also included in the programme. The event was successful in bringing NICE partners and other organisations together to discuss common issues and develop perspectives for joint work.

Access the full conference summary with photographs here, the conference briefing paper here, and the presentation slides here.



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