Upcoming Workshops on Innovation Strategies for Transformation

As part of the NICE project, we have integrated a Scottish Universities Insight Institute dissemination project on “Innovation Strategies for System-Level Transformation” in which we’ll delve into the dynamic world of innovation policy and its profound impact on regional transformation.

Under this project, we are organising collaborative and interactive workshops to discuss the challenges in achieving transformation through innovation policies.

We’ll focus on designing suitable interventions, mobilising stakeholders, optimising implementation approaches, and effectively evidencing success.

We invite policymakers, industry leaders, researchers, and innovators to participate actively in shaping the future of innovation policy. Your experience and insights are invaluable in driving meaningful change.

Join a series of interlinked workshops where you will have the opportunity to share perspectives, learn from others, and co-design solutions to pressing challenges. Featured cases include:

  • From Innovation Centres to Innovation Infrastructure
  • Vision Denmark: Creative Technology Cluster for Visual Storytelling and Entertainment
  • Net Zero Industry Cluster Exchange (NICE): International Collaborations for Green Transitions
  • Can Do Challenge: Innovative Solutions for Mission-Based Challenges

Each workshop will focus on different themes:

The first workshop will take place on 22 March 2024, from 9h30-13h, at the Scottish Universities Insight Institute office in Collins Building, 22 Richmond Street, Glasgow G1 1XQ.

Registration is also open to online participants.


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