Mid-term evaluation of the Highlands & Islands special transitional programme 2000-06

This project involved undertaking the mid-term evaluation of the 2000-06 special transitional programme for the Highlands and Islands. The study, which will ran from September 2002 until September 2003, was organised into six key phases: (i) Design of research materials, initial analysis of financial progress, initial analysis of physical progress, and initial review of quantification ; (ii) Consultation with stakeholders, data input and analysis, delivery of interim report; (iii) Validation of reported outcomes, analysis of strategic relevance, review of Programme processes, review of Community added value, contribution to parallel policy initiatives, review of integration of horizontal themes ; (iv) Final review of financial progress, final review of physical progress, estimation of Programme impacts, forecast for progress towards the Performance Reserve targets, and review of changes to strategy; (v) Delivery of the Draft Final and Final Report; (iv) Review of updated estimates of progress towards the targets for the Performance Reserve

Funded by: Fraser Associates, United Kingdom

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