Synergies among EU Funds in research and innovation in agriculture

The project aimed to provide a better understanding of the potential and the use of synergies among EU funds in the field of research and innovation in the agri-food sector. The study was managed by Stefan Kah in cooperation with Markus Gruber of convelop.

The research showed that there is a broad variety of support instruments available for innovation in agriculture, covering all stages of the innovation process. However, they are not necessarily linked to each other and operate independently, making the creation of synergies challenging. Also, a high complexity and different sets of rules, particularly between direct and shared management instruments, deter policy-makers from pursuing synergies.

Synergies do not easily develop automatically, but have to be supported proactively. The research identified four key success factors, as well as three supporting factors:

• Enablers that can provide guidance and coordination in agricultural innovation systems

• Strategies that define objectives and priorities

• Incentives that make synergies worth the additional effort and associated risk

• Harmonisation of rules between different instruments and associated simplification

• Supporting factors: transparency, trust and culture

The full report is available here (from page 172).

Funded by: SCAR Strategic Working Group on AKIS

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