Territorial effects of the Structural Funds

The project comprised the Territorial Impact Assessment of past Structural Fund programmes and the appraisal of the potential territorial impact of current Structural Funds programmes. The study was undertaken with a view to formulating policy recommendations for the reform of the Funds for the post 2006 period and to improving their capacity of delivering enhanced territorial cohesion. In particular, the research has the following objectives: elaboration and application of a methodology for the territorial impact assessment of Structural Fund policies; presentation of Structural Fund policies with reference to the territorial dimensions and the governmental level responsible; ­development of a set of indicators and of a database for capturing the spatial effects of Structural Fund programmes; ­analysis of the result of EU Structural and Cohesion policies as regards balanced territorial development; development of policy recommendations on future implementation of Structural Fund programmes in an enlarged EU in relation to strategic focus, area designation and delivery mechanisms.

Funded by: European Spatial Planning Observation Network (ESPON)

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