A Time Capsule: Regional Policy Regeneration in Turkey

Cite as: Turan, H T., & Ersoy, Z G. (2018) A Time Capsule: Regional Policy Regeneration in Turkey. European Policy Research Paper, No. 98, European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

The objective of this paper is to perform a comprehensive analysis of regional policy evaluation in Turkey, while providing insights on transformations in global trends, domestic targets, development policy structures and implementation. The paper firstly considers the Turkish administrative structure and the meaning of ‘region’. This is followed by an examination of regional disparities from an administrative perspective and the transformation of regional development policies in accordance with the legal framework. In the subsequent part, the study scrutinizes the institutional capacity to implement effective regional policy, and finally it analyses reform packages that prescribe newly established institutions such as (regional) development agencies in order to fulfill the requirements of the EU acquis communautaire. The principal message from the conference is that stakeholders and participants want to remain involved in EU project based collaboration in the future.


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