Barriers for applicants to Structural Funding

Cite as: Tödtling-Schönhofer, H., Hamza, C., Resch, A., Polverari, L., & Bachtler, J. (2012) Barriers for applicants to Structural Funding. Report to the European Parliament's Committee on Regional Development, Brussels

This study analyses the factors which facilitate or discourage local stakeholders’ and businesses’ decision to apply for support from Structural Funds (SF). In the current recession it is vital to attract as many applicants as possible. Through a wide-ranging literature review, case studies, questionnaires and interviews, this study tries to answer questions about what can be done to attract more applications, and how the participation of successful applicants can be made more effective. It puts forward a number of specific recommendations for policy makers at local, regional, national and EU level.

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