Cohesion Policy after 2013: A critical assessment of the legislative proposals

Cite as: Mendez, C., & Bachtler, J. (2012) Cohesion Policy after 2013Presentation at the European Parliament Public Hearing "Improving the effectiveness of policy through simplification and results", REGI Committee, Brussels, 20 March 2012

On 6 October 2011, the European Commission tabled the draft package of Regulations for the reform of Cohesion policy after 2013. The objective of this study has been to critically assess these proposals – based on a review of recent research and policy documents and budgetary modelling – and to propose recommendations to inform the position of the European Parliament in the negotiations. Following the introductory chapter, which provides more detail on the legislative context, objectives, methodology and structure of the study, a further six chapters review the reform proposals according to key thematic blocks.

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