Preparing for 2014-20: Programming, Concentration and Performance

Cite as: Mendez, C., Kah, S., & Bachtler, J. (2013) Preparing for 2014-20: Programming, Concentration and Performance. IQ-Net Thematic Paper, Vol 32, No. 2, European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

The aim of this paper is to undertake apreliminary assessment of the preparation, content and delivery implications of the PAs and OPs for 2014-20. Despite the regulatory and financial uncertainty, the PAs are perceived to be supporting the strategic alignment of the ESI Funds with Europe 2020 themes, and are encouraging a more coordinated approach to programming. Radical changes in the programmearchitecture are expected in several Member States involving a considerable reduction in the numberof programmes (notably where regional programmes are being replaced with national programmes)and the use of multi-fund programmes. The drafting of the OPs is at different stages across IQ-Net countries and regions. The adoption of the new round of programmes by the Commission is likely to be even more delayed than in the previous period. The Commission is requiring a stronger emphasison the intervention logic of programmes, indicators and target-setting. Thematic concentration requirements are not perceived to pose a major challenge. Major changes in the allocation of Cohesion policy competences across different levels of governance are only expected in a small number of cases. A more common trend across is a rationalisation in the number of intermediate and implementing bodies.

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