Revision of Guidelines on National Regional aid

Cite as: Tödtling-Schönhofer, H., & Wishlade, F. (2012) Revision of Guidelines on National Regional aid, Catalogue number: QG-03-13-334-EN-N
ISBN: 978-92-895-0736-3
DOI: 10.2863/85129
© European Union, November 2012.

This working paper discusses the main elements of the current guidelines on national regional and related regulatory framework, the current reform of the state aid framework and the national regional aid from the perspective of local and regional authorities (LRA). Providing an assessment of the impact of the European regulatory framework for national regional state needs to start off from an understanding of the current framework, the current and planned
changes and any criteria for judging the impact on LRA. It needs to be highlighted that the analytical framework for such an assessment is weak, due to a lack of empirical studies and evaluations of the impact of regional aid schemes
on regional economies, and the impact of the regulatory framework on handling and reaping benefits of regional aid schemes for LRA.

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