Research & Innovation energy strategies in the TRACER ‘target’ regions

The TRACER project’s most recent reports on Research & Innovation energy strategies for each target region are now available online. See them here.

The overall objective of TRACER is to support several coal-intensive regions around Europe to design (or re-design) their Research and Innovation (R&I) strategies to facilitate their transition towards a sustainable energy system. More specifically, nine (9) European regions are involved in this procedure, 6 of them in EU Members States (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania), and three (3) in countries outside the EU (Serbia, Ukraine, UK), but with the same problems and considerations as the EU Member States ones.

Policy makers in these regions – the so called ‘TRACER target regions’ – will be assisted to develop, implement and review their R&I strategies by providing information, developing methodologies, expertise and advice. The main deliverables of TRACER (a set of blueprints and tools for Member States, Associated Countries and regions) will assist the target regions to identify short- and medium-term solutions to help their transition to a more future-proof business model. The action will lead to new and deepened cooperation in R&I between coal intensive regions that will facilitate their transition to a more sustainable energy system.

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