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State aid & subsidy discipline research

What are State aids and subsidies and how do they affect competition and trade? When do tax measures and financial instruments contain aid? How are subsidies and State aids for economic development affected by EU and EEA competition policy, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the WTO rules? What structures do countries have in place to ensure compliance? These are some of the many questions addressed in EPRC’s research programme on State aid and subsidiy discipline.

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- 2014

State aid rules of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020

This project involved developing a comprehensive and practical rulebook to ensure the State aid compliance of the Baltic Sea Region Programme in 2014-20. The project identified and assessed the procedural and substantive State aid rules applicable to the provisions of the Operational Programme; translated these into practical guidelines concerning the scope of the State aid…



The project involves the development, management and operationalisation of the fi-compass technical assistance platform. Specifically, the project involves support to the EIB in providing horizontal assistance and advisory services for ESIF financial instruments to the EU public sector. Target groups are in particular EU Member States and Managing Authorities, but also the European Commission and…