Successful Culmination of EU-Funded ENTRANCES Project Marks Milestone in Energy Transition

The ENTRANCES project, funded by the European Union, recently celebrated its culmination with a successful Final Conference on September 5th and 6th, 2023, in Brussels. The project, aimed at addressing challenges related to the energy transition in regions historically dependent on coal mining and carbon-intensive practices, showcased its achievements and insights during the two-day event.

The conference provided a platform for unveiling key findings and recommendations, with a focus on thirteen regions across nine EU and associated countries. Distinguished policymakers and local experts actively engaged in thought-provoking discussions, contributing to both EU and regional-level policy and practical recommendations. The dialogue fostered collaboration and aimed to steer a sustainable and informed approach to the ongoing energy transition in these critical regions.

Reflecting on the success of the project, the consortium emphasised the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary efforts. Despite the project nearing its official conclusion in October 2023, the consortium is committed to ensuring the knowledge and insights generated are accessible to a wider audience. Interested parties are invited to explore the project’s deliverables, available on their dedicated webpage:

As the ENTRANCES project concludes, the consortium remains optimistic that the accumulated resources will serve as inspiration and guidance for those dedicated to advancing sustainable energy transitions, and set the stage for future projects.

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