The Role of Territorial Cooperation in Supporting Just Transition in the Arctic

Definitions of Just Transition, experiences of territorial cooperation in the Arctic, the impact of Russia’s exclusion from territorial cooperation networks, the practical ways in which territorial cooperation programmes have been and are acting to support ‘Just Transition, and the vital importance of cooperation in the future were all key topics of discussion at a workshop on the role of territorial cooperation in supporting Just Transition.

The European Policies Research Centre (EPRC), the Centre for Sustainable Development (C4SD) of the University of Strathclyde, and the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland (Finland) organised the interactive Workshop dedicated to exchange experiences and discussion.

EPRC’s Heidi Vironen hosted the meeting and spoke to introduce the wider project, funded by Scottish Government,  on specific issues facing the remote and sparsely-populated areas of the Arctic and the near Arctic and the opportunities of delivering Just Transition through territorial cooperation in these areas. Irene McMaster from EPRC also contributed, speaking about the Added value of territorial cooperation initiatives.

The presentations and other Workshop material are available here.

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