TRACER event: Energy transition in Wales

A TRACER event for Wales was held online on 1 December 2021, jointly organised by TRACER partners EPRC and Welsh Government, together with Cardiff University. The event was planned under TRACER Work Package 4, which promotes the dissemination of information on the support and funding opportunities available for energy transition. In total, 50 people attended the event, including 13 speakers.

Here is the Agenda

The Wales event was introduced by Welsh Government’s Deputy Director for Energy, Ed Sherriff. The event included a full agenda, with the following sessions:


The morning’s conclusions were drawn together by Professors Kevin Morgan (Cardiff University) and John Bachtler (EPRC). They identified the main themes which ran through the discussions, which included the need for alignment and coordination of policies and practices and the crucial issue that transition must be seen to be just and fair, if behavioural change is to be effected. Underwriting both themes is the importance of skills, especially the role of further education colleges creating seamless pathways with universities and work based learning.

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